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BAKU BK-878L2 700W 230V AU Plug 2 in 1 Rework Station Soldering Iron and Hot Air Gun




1. The products adopt closed loop of transducer. Mcu intelligent drive. Digital LED display. High-power. The temperature turn up is very fast. Temperature stabilization and is impervious to air. Because this product has a brushless fan, it has a long life and it produces little noise.

2. The air flow can be adjustable and air blowing is big and gentle blowing plastic components won't be deformed. Such as buzzer and external interface of mobile phone.

3. It is inductance in the handle. It will be quickly to work when you take the handle, when the handle is return to the shelf, the machine will automatic stop age.

4. Automatic to blow cool air to safe the heating. Temperature rapidly rises, and it can reach to the setting temperature only within 3 or 5 seconds.Small volume light weigh, temp-control accurately.


5. Safely remove BGA-IC, keep pins intact. Much more safe and reliable. Blowing PCB will not make it blister.

6. Intelligent system that could alarm , Fault detection automatically.

7. Brushless fan rework station and soldering iron, LED indicator light.

8. Suitable for unsoldering multipe component,such as SOIC,CHIP,PLCC and BGA,etc(especially for flat cables and cable connectors).

9. Applicable for hot contraction,heating,depainting,degluing,defrosting,preheating and soldering.




Model: BK-878L2

Type: Two LED Digital Display 

Power Consumption:  700W

Blower Fan: Brushless Fan

Air Volume: 120L/M(MAX)

Temperature (Soldering iron): 100°C to 450°C

Temperature Range(Hot Air Gun): 200°C to 480°C

Available Voltage 230V


Package includes: 


1 x Soldering station module (main machine, AU Plug) (Can find EU plug 220V version in SKU332582, find US Plug 110V version in SKU332584)

1 x Soldering iron handle

1 x Hot air gun

1 x Stand for soldering iron

1 x Holder for hot air gun

3 x nozzles(for hot air gun)

1 x Integrated circuits extractor

1 x User manual

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